Tuesday, June 9, 2009

iphone 3gs for fre!!!

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

New 2.0.1 Firmware allready PWNED!!!

im just going to link you guyss to this other blog.... he has everything set up very nicely


find you ispw and download away. IT is the same install as last time!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New FREE games come to the iphone 3g pwned

So this post is a little late but I was spurred to post because of the release of the port of quake 1 for the iphone that was released on the 26th. Some of the first apps to come out for the iphone 2.0 pwned software are very cool.

The one I was very happy to see was poof. Poof was an app from the 1.1.x jailbreak days and the same simple design has been brought back to the 2.0 software. It allows users to remove the icons of cydia installed apps plus the standard icons like stock and other mostly useless apps on the iphone.

The first game released for the 2.0 software was macman an awesome port of pacman with an interesting twist for audio. This game trumps many of the 5-10 dollar apps in the app store and when I get paid this Friday a donation will be going to bigboss for his awesome job.

The port of quake has just arrived. Now this game is really hard to play, but the graphics are flawless and there were no glitches in the demo I played. I was too young to play the original when it came out however quake and doom are the reasons why I am playing games like COD4 and BF2 on the computer.

Swap tunes is also a popular release from the 1.1.x jailbreaks that allows an iPhone users to sync to two different itunes libraries...... very cool

The final app that many will find awesome is the NES emulator. The huge hit from 1.1.x jailbreak
is back on the 2.0 software. It is just what it sounds like. Upload your roms to the correct folder via ssh and away you go.

Thanks to all the developers who keep doing the things I can't. Hack the planet and keep it up.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pwn your Iphone 3g on a windows Machine!!


1. You need these two files:
x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw and iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw.


One of the files is a torrent so make sure you have a torrent downloading app ready to go. If you don't you probably shouldn't be pwning your iphone. If you really gotta know how to do it comment here and I'll respond and give you step by step instructions on how to do it.

2. Make sure you have itunes 7.7 installed.

for vista: Click start then copy this into the search box and press enter after:
for XP: click start then run, then copy this into the run box:


%appdata%\Apple Computer\iTunes

3. Make a directory called: Device Support

If it already exist, clear it.

4. copy x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw into the Device Support folder you just created.

5. Put your 3G into DFU mode. watch this video to see how:

6. Once your phone is in DFU mode and detected by iTunes (should be black screen on phone NOT itunes logo with usb cable), click on iphone in itunes, then hold the SHIFT key and click on restore.

7. Browse to the folder where you downloaded iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw and select it. Itunes will then extract the file and you will see the ipod dev team’s pinapple logo pop up after a few seconds.

8. when restoring has completed, it will ask you to connect to itunes, then re-do the activation process (download carrier settings)

9. If you have mobile me don't forget to re connect to your mobile me account to retrieve all of you contacts.

10. Thats the end you should see an app called Cydia which will allow you to start downloading some begining 2.x apps. (note that at this moment this process only jailbreaks the phone and does not unlock the phone like in the 1.x versions.) For those who want installer, i teo felt the same way until i realized how much more efficent the cydia app is. They are working on the ability right now to add your own repositories, however no one has really ported their apps so it is no cydias fault that everyone sold out to the itunes store.)

thanks to sleepers.net for the guide (thought id add a few things for those who didn't quite get it.) Also thanks to Saurik and Bigboss for continuing to hack the planet. I keep telling people that without guys like you there would be no app store on the 2.0 firmware and that all those apps that are now $5.99 used to be free.

Keep coming back for more pwnage and cydia updates